Todd  Pre-Cut Sauna Specifications

GENERAL:  Sauna room(s) shall be manufactured by Todd Mfg. & Const., Inc., PO Box 936292, Margate, Florida 33063.  The following specifications are for TODD Pre-Cut saunas (installation on previously framed rooms.)

WORK TO BE DONE BY OTHERS:  The following work will be included under other sections of the specifications.

  1. All electrical work including wiring for electrical supply, heater, control, sensor, and light shall be performed by a certified electrician.
  2. Installation of stud walls and ceiling joists.
  3. Installation of insulation between wall studs and ceiling joists.
  4. Installation of all backing, I.e. CDX plywood or firring.
  5. Subfloor and/or foundation work, including finished floor.
  6. Complete finish work of exterior walls (including exterior door casings.)

CODE REQUIREMENTS:   All material, components, and work shall conform to all applicable local, state and federal building and safety codes, ordinances, and regulations.

CONSTRUCTION TYPE:   TODD Pre Cut material packages.  Wall framing shall be on 16" centers.  A standard framed wall shall be 2" x 4" studs, bottom base plate treated and ceiling lowered to 85" I.D. from floor to framing.  If existing walls are masonry, walls shall be "firred" with 1" x 4" treated strips on 16" centers.  Metal framed walls/ceiling shall be "lined" with 1/2" CDX plywood.

WALL AND CEILING:  Walls and ceiling shall be insulated with R-11 Kraft Faced fiberglass insulation.  Kraft barrier to face interior of sauna.  Masonry walls shall receive Builders Foil.

When ordering sauna package shall be TODD Model #_____.  Provide interior dimensions of the framed space, indicate direction of ceiling joists, jamb thickness and door swing (NOTE:  door must swing OUT)

Walls and ceiling material shall be 1" x 4" /1' x 6" KD Clear Western Red Cedar (optional woods include STK Spruce or Cedar, Select Cypress or clear Redwood.)  Boards to be blindnailed with 4d galvanized finish nails or equivalent power stapling.

BENCHES AND SUPPORTS:  Standard width equals 20". Face and tops of 1" x 4" S4S Clear Western Red Cedar (or optional woods) with 1/2" spacing.  Tops fastened with 4d galvanized finish nails.  Bench supports are "L" type 1" x 4" Western Red Cedar at walls and Doubled "L" type 1" x 4" at 24" centers.

Benches shall have 1" upper/lower "blinds"

INTERIOR TRIM:  ceiling, base and corner trim shall be WRC

SAUNA DOORS:  Shall be standard type TODD model T36DF of Douglas Fir stiles and rails (or optional woods) with tempered glass window (28"  x 67") prehung on Cedar jamb.  Hardware to include one pair butt hinges and one self closing hinge.  Cedar door handles included.  Residential door shall be T24DF 2'0" x 6'8".  1/2" of space under door  for ventilation, I.e. commercial under-door venting.  Other door styles and sizes available.

SAUNA HEATER:  Shall be Model#_____ sized according to the room size (in cubic feet).  Heater shall be UL Listed and shall include olivine igneous rocks.

SAUNA CONTROLS:  Shall be Model#_____, UL Listed and matched with heater.

LIGHT:  Shall be wall-mounted, UL Listed, vapour proof, frosted white globe, neoprene gasket, brushed aluminum base.  Ceiling mounted I.C rated "Hi-Hat" fixtures available.

SAUNA FLOOR:  By flooring contractor.  Appropriate floors can be ceramic tile, vinyl, or concrete.  Recommend no carpet inside sauna room  Removable duckboard floor constructed of 1x4 Western Red Cedar is provided in the walking area only.

SAUNA ACCESSORIESShall include wall mount lite, Kona Rocks and thermometer.  Other accessories available.

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